Prophetess Dr. Mary L. Parker

God’s Woman of Purpose and Destiny

And my speech and preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom,
but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power. I Corinthians 2:4

After many different experiences, struggles, sufferings, persecutions, and rejections throughout her life, Prophetess Parker was introduced to salvation and saved during a revival conducted by Prophet Floyd Brown out of St. Louis, Missouri. She received a prophetic impartation and began to flow in the realm of the prophetic ministry. Prophetess Parker received her Biblical,  Ministerial training, and teaching in the areas of Deliverance, Altar Work, Intercessory Prayer, and the Prophetic Ministry under the tutelage of her Pastor, the late Bishop George O. Curry, Jr. of Buffalo, NY. On July 14, 2001, she earned a Doctor of Ministry in Prophetic Deliverance and was honored with an Honorary Doctorate of Ministry. On July 13, 2002, Prophetess Parker received her Doctor of Divinity degree from International Apostolic University of Grace and Truth (IAUGT). She was appointed one of the University’s Chief Advisors, Intercessor, and Adjunct Professor. Prophetess Dr. Parker has authored three books entitled: “The Glory”, “The Office of the Prophet”, and “Deliverance Ministry”.  Prophetess Parker has faithfully labored in the ministry for more than 30 years. Many souls have been saved, delivered, healed, and made free through the power of God.

Prophetess Parker was commissioned by the Holy Ghost to evangelize, and God expanded her ministry throughout the United States. After her Evangelistic Call was shifted, she was validated as Prophetess by Bishop Leo S. Lewis, Presiding Prelate of Prophetic Miracle Ministries Worldwide.  Prophetess Parker was elevated in the Spirit realm with a new wind. She has been blessed by God to travel and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ with power and demonstration.

On June 29, 1997, Pastor Parker gave birth to Radical Praise and Worship Prophetic Outreach Ministries.   Pastor Martha Henderson of Boligee, Alabama ordained Prophetess Parker as Pastor on November 8, 1998.  During the years of 2001-2002, under her pastoral leadership, 39 souls were baptized in the name of Jesus.  In February, 2003, Prophetess Parker was publicly elevated to the Office of Overseer in the Lord’s Church by Bishop William Young, Jr. of Florence, South Carolina and Bishop Lewis T. Hilton of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

In April, 2005, God spoke a prophetic word to move the ministry to Duluth, Georgia.  The name of the Church was changed to New Life International Prophetic Outreach Ministries.   The vision remains the same,” To Win the Lost At Any Cost”.

 In the same year, she became engaged to Bishop Charlie R. Parker. On November 5, 2005, she and Bishop Parker were joined in Holy Matrimony and began their new life together.  Prophetess Parker birthed, organized, and launched the New Life International Apostolic School of the Prophets on February 19, 2011. 

Prophetess Parker is an anointed Pastor, Prophetess, Worshipper, and Intercessor. God has blessed Prophetess Parker with the power to identify, extract, and birth ministry gifts that God has placed within the people of God. Training, mentoring, nurturing, and assisting leaders to fulfill their purpose and destiny in the Kingdom of God is a delight to her.  Her ministry attracts many young people. Souls have been transformed and given another chance at life.

Prophetess Parker can be viewed from a Biblical perspective as having the fortitude and endurance of Deborah, the virtue of Ruth, the humility, faith, and favor of Mary, the courage of Esther and the insight of Huldah and wisdom and prayer life of Anna.

And her fruit remains…